Tea found me years ago while I had a small yoga studio in Pembroke Pines, Florida called Yoga Journeys. I had the vision to add a tea bar to the studio to provide a space for guests and client to linger after class, chatting and sharing space together. That vision did not manifest at that time, what did manifest later was desired to become a Tea Sommelier and learn about the history and culture of tea. One aspect of tea that fascinates me is how different cultures honor and celebrate tea in different ways.  In Japan, the ____ ceremony, in China is the ______, Taiwan is the _______, and the unifying theme is mindfulness and honoring of the plant through the tea ceremonies where life comes full circle. The water that nourishes the soil, that nourishes the plant, the sun, the people who care for the plant, and then the coming together and taking in of the prana of the plant during.  This awareness is present during a tea ceremony. Read how Robin's House of Tea came to be.